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MyCell® is our proprietary delivery system that optimizes the bioavailability of poorly absorbed active ingredients using only 100% natural, food-grade components.

Boundary blurring innovation.

We believe nature is the most sophisticated laboratory on the planet. Operating at the intersection of food, pharma and technology, Glow Lifetech is focused on revolutionizing the effectiveness of natural ingredients to push the boundaries of innovation and performance in natural health.

MyCell® is an advanced delivery system for producing water-soluble natural ingredients with improved bioavailability, rapid onset, precision dosing, and enhanced stability. MyCell® was designed to emulate nature’s molecular process for absorption, using exclusively natural components, to unlock a step-change in the delivery and absorption of bioactive ingredients in the most natural way possible.

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MyCell® transports ingredients more efficiently to the cells.

  • 01. Preformed Micelles

    Bioactives are encapsulated into preformed micelles to mimic the body’s natural process for absorption, making them easy to absorb in the body and protected from degradation.

    Diagram of 3D rendered Glow Lifetech MyCell cell with overview of cell core and shell
  • 02. Immediate Absorption

    MyCell® molecules quickly enters the bloodstream, bypassing first-pass metabolism and promotes lymphatic transport for fast-acting experience closer to inhalation.

    Illustration of digestive organs highlighted in bright colour to communicate the immediate absorption with MyCell powered ingredients
  • 03. Increased Cellular Absorption

    Easily crosses the cell membrane to deliver the bioactives to our cells where they are most effective.

    Illustration of MyCell ingredients moving past cell wall to communicate the increased cellular absorption of MyCell enhanced ingredients
  • 04. Enhanced Bioavailability

    Delivering more effective absorption in the body with faster onset and consistent, predictable experience.

    Illustration of human brain highlighted in bright colour to communicate the how the enhanced absorption leads to faster onset and more consistent experience
Our Solutions
  • Diagram of 3D rendered Glow Lifetech MyCell cell with overview of cell core and shell

Setting a new standard of more effective and enjoyable natural health products

MyCell® delivers a faster, stronger, consistent experience by optimizing the cellular absorption of bioactive ingredients into the body.

Benefits of MyCell®

High-performance benefits that redefine what’s possible in natural health products.

Improved Bioavailability

Enhanced bioavailability for more effective absorption of active ingredients in the body

Rapid Onset

Immediate absorption in the body with fast-acting effects in as little as 20 minutes

Great taste

100% natural formulation for clean, neutral taste profile without synthetics, off-flavours or bitterness

Enhanced Stability

Long-term stability enabling precise, consistent, and predictable delivery of active ingredients

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