Glow Lifetech Announces Commencement of Clinical Study of Artemic Support® Featuring MyCell® Technology on Patients with Long COVID

Toronto, Ontario – December 24, 2021 – Glow LifeTech Corp. (CSE: GLOW, OTCQB: GLWLF, FSE: 9DO) (“Glow” or the “Company”), a biotech innovator producing next-generation, science-backed natural ingredients, is pleased to announce that it is co-sponsoring a clinical study (the “Study”) to assess the impact of its proprietary natural health product Artemic Support®, which features  MyCell® Technology, in patients with Long COVID syndrome.

Post-acute COVID syndrome (PACS) or “Long COVID” presents itself as a wide range of ongoing symptoms patients can experience for four or more weeks after first being infected with SARS-COV-2[1]. Long Covid is estimated to affect approximately 10%-35% of all COVID patients[2], and the inflammatory response is generally thought to be fundamental to the persistence of symptoms. Therefore, the ability to reduce inflammation could improve patient outcomes, and this study is aimed at validating such a framework for Artemic Support®.

Artemic Support® is a natural health product made from curcumin, boswellia and vitamin C designed to reduce inflammatory responses and is formulated with MyCell® Technology ingredients to increase bioavailability and deliver faster, more effective cellular absorption of natural active ingredients. This new innovation is the second product in the Company’s Artemic product range to progress to the Clinical Trial phase to determine safety and efficacy against SARS2-COV-2 related diseases. In April 2020, the Company announced it submitted its first product, Artemic Rescue, to Health Canada as a Natural Health Product following successful results from a Phase II Clinical Trial with patients diagnosed with moderate COVID-19.[3]

Study Details

The study is being executed in collaboration with Swiss PharmaCan, the sponsor of the study and Glow as the co-sponsor in addition to MGC Pharmaceuticals. The low intervention study is single-arm, open, and will include 150 patients suffering from post-acute COVID syndrome (PACS) and will be administered by UniversalDoctors across 3 primary care centers in Catalonia, Spain. Patients will take Artemic Support® for 6 weeks under supervision of their doctor, and their progress will be measured throughout the period to determine if symptoms are reduced while monitoring for adverse events.

Ethics Committee approval has been obtained and the study is already underway with 50 patients enrolled. The study is expected to be completed by February 2022, subject to target enrollments being achieved, with results published in Q2 of 2022. This is considered a pilot study used to obtain initial data on the safety and efficacy of Artemic Support®; a more comprehensive randomized study is expected to follow depending on the outcome of the current study.

“I’m excited about the “First Patient In“ on December 13, as I’m expecting highly valuable results on the safety and efficacy of Artemic Support®, based on its breakthrough MyCell technology, and the potential benefit for millions of people suffering from Long COVID, who have had no therapeutic options so far.” said the study organizer Dr. Dieter L. Russmann MD, Senator h.c., from Swiss PharmaCan.

“Scientific validation and research is paramount to the ongoing commercial efforts of MyCell® technology. Glow is pleased to be included in important work to support Long COVID symptoms, and affirm the potential health benefits of its leading-edge ingredients with our partners.” said Clark Kent, CEO Glow LifeTech.

MyCell® Technology is Glow’s proprietary naturally derived delivery system which dramatically improves the absorption, bioavailability and effectiveness of natural active compounds including cannabinoids, vitamins, botanicals and more. It transforms poorly absorbed natural compounds into water-compatible concentrates that have fast-acting onset, high-absorption and precision dosing. The versatility of MyCell® enhanced concentrates allows them to power a variety of product formats including: droppers, beverages, foods, topicals, and capsules.

Recent News

The Company recently announced it has completed the buildout of its licensed processing facility in Canada and has begun commissioning its reactor production equipment. Full Story Here:

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About Glow LifeTech Corp.
Glow LifeTech is a Canadian-based biotechnology company focused on producing nutraceutical and cannabinoid-based products with dramatically enhanced bioavailability, absorption and effectiveness. Glow has rights to the groundbreaking, plant-based MyCell Technology® delivery system, which transforms poorly absorbed natural compounds into enhanced water-compatible concentrates that unlock the full healing potential of the valuable compounds.


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About Swiss Pharmacan

Micelle Technology AG, parent company of Swiss PharmaCan is a dynamic organization dedicated to R&D using natural active ingredients (i.e. vitamins and minerals) to improve human health. As one of the leading innovators of plant-based micelle concentrates, Micelle Technology AG offers a unique technology, which enables the company to harness the full potential of herbal active ingredients.


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UniversalDoctor: The Digital Global Health Company is a social enterprise co-creating technology solutions to improve health outcomes worldwide. UniversalDoctor has produced close to 30 technology solutions ranging from clinical decision-support tools, mobile data collection systems,data collection tools for clinical studies, clinical and remote monitoring platforms, to intelligent chatbots, with International Organisations and partners in over two dozen countries. The last launch of tools are called UhDa Tools : UniversalHealth Digital Access Tools.



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MGC Pharma is a biopharma company with a “Nature to Medicine” strategy at the forefront of the emerging phytocannabinoid and plant derived medicine markets. The company’s mission is to build an innovative, global bio-pharma company providing standardised, affordable plant derived medicines of the highest regulatory compliance for targeted global markets.


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[3] See Glow press release dated April 27, 2021

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